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You wanna follow specific training was specific area That our races and races do not cover?
You wanna follow one of our trainings referenced, goal through individual instruction and fits your pace, for one or more participants?

The day and time of this race Particular Will Be Entirely your choice (Monday to Sunday included) and all subjects of photogaphy May be Given by more than 50 photographers PHOTO THE ACADEMY.

Call 02 80 84 514 our team will responds with a customized proposal and an accurate estimate of the cost of training. Our tuition is charged from 70 euros per hour and up to 150 euros per hour selon the photographers and the kind of training Sought (presence of material, classroom, studio etc). Special deals are available in the case of gold along recurrent training.

Voor sommige onderwerpen die speciale apparatuur (studio, verlichting, model , drone etc ...) , kan een supplement ten opzichte van de bepaalde cursus prijs worden gevraagd.

Once the agreed amount, you Will Be Asked to pay online to reserve the running time once the proposal accepted.

Examples of customized current themes:
Advanced cosmetic touch-ups on photoshop, macro, Vandyke Brown drawing, silver development, colorimetry, chroma, digital printing, photographic history.

280 €
Bijvoorbeeld: 26/09/2017
Bijvoorbeeld: 06:04
Bijvoorbeeld: 26/09/2017
Bijvoorbeeld: 06:04
Bijvoorbeeld: 26/09/2017
Bijvoorbeeld: 06:04
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